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Journaling the Journey

Journaling the Journey is connected to the Torah Portion "Masei"—Numbers 33:1-36:13. 

This Torah portion caused us to ask the question, "why is remembering the Journey so important?"

The word מסעי Masei means "journeys" in Hebrew. It originates from the root word "נסע Nasa" which means to "pull up, pluck out."

It refers to pulling up stakes, removing your camp, and departing. In Job 19:10, it is likened to being "plucked up as a tree."

What is unique about Masei is the journaling of the journey.

G-D commands Moses to keep a record of every stop. Much like the Tax Department or a company expects you to keep a record of the miles you drive and every gas fill-up for reimbursement.

In this week's chavruta session, we will discuss "the journey and why G-D mandates journaling." What can we learn from the forty years between the Exodus from Egypt and the entry to the Promise Land?

This portion ends the book of Bamidbar (Numbers).  Our next post will be starting the book of Deuteronomy (Devarim). 

Click here to watch the replay of our live Chavruta session on "Journaling the Journey." 

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