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Our Vision

Realizing the Biblical vision for Israel and the Nations, loving and serving the G-D of Israel together.



The E-Noam Together vision

Aligning our understanding of the prophesied Biblical relationship.
  • Study the Jewish Scriptures Together.
  • Develop a consistent connection with those who wish to learn and deepen their relationship with the Word of G-D.
  • Promote discussion without preconceived opinions of the other.
  • Discover respective Biblical roles in preparation for the Olam Habah, "World to Come."
Developing opportunities for meaningful engagement which cultivates relationship.
  • Walking in the Land of Israel together while connecting with Jews living in the Diaspora and Gentiles among the Nations. 
  • Designing educational and fun recreational and social activities during shared festivals and for other e-Noam Together initiatives. 
  • Building relationships over time that are engaging and offer a "safe place" for questions and answers central to discussions that lead to unity.  
  • Cultivating an openness among all members to new discoveries and ideas.
Developing a “mixed reality” platform for ongoing community engagement.  This platform is created to allow for individual action in person and virtually, anywhere, anytime.

Let Us Worship Hashem (G-D) Together!

  • Prayer and song is an expression of our love toward HaShem (our G-D) and toward one another.

Project Collaboration

  • Establishment of an Ambassador Academy. A serious means and opportunity for Christians to connect with Jewish people in the Land and in the Diaspora without false pretense or hidden agendas of conversion. 
  • Development of educational curriculum that elevates the learning objectives of the e-Noam student. 
  • Foster the African-Israel experience using the kibbutz movement as a framework. 
  • Enlarge the e-Noam Together family through Torah Study and other external projects. 

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