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Live on Zoom Sundays @ 1PM EST

Studying Torah ביחד 

Discovery. Discussion. Destiny.

Isaiah speaks of a day when the Torah shall go forth from Zion!
We believe that day is here! And, taking the Torah to the nations starts with "studying the Torah "ביחד" Together!" 

Live on Zoom Sundays @ 1PM EST

Weekly פרשת Discussions 

Discovery. Discussion. Destiny.

Every Sunday Israel & the nations join together to study the Torah portion of the week from the Jewish Bible.  Join our community to participate!

Last year's Sukkot Summit was remarkable. Click below to watch the replays! 

Live on Zoom Sundays @ 1PM EST

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Our Vision

Realizing the Biblical Vision for Israel and the Nations, Loving and Serving the G-D of Israel Together.

Aligning Understanding

Aligning our understanding with the prophesied Biblical relationship between Israel & the Nations. 

Building Relationships

Developing opportunities for meaningful engagement that encourages relationship.

Connecting Anywhere

Cultivating a dynamic, interactive online community presence using substantive online discussion posts!  


We are a group of committed Jews and Christians that foster the discovery, discussion, and destiny of the Torah between Israel and the Nations.  

E-Noam Together

/ e-Noam Panelists

"I really love this study, group of panelists & Rabbi" MaryAnn G.

Grow Together
If we study together, we grow together!

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Hadassah Jacobs

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