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Our Core Values

Our core values reflect our platform and weekly Torah discussions! Please read!



Our core values reflect our platform and weekly Torah discussions!

The G-D of Israel
  • We seek to follow the G-D of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yakov! He is known as the G-D of Israel revealed to us in the Torah, and throughout the Jewish Bible, known as the Tanakh.
  • We do not share common ground with those who worship other gods. The Shema, a fundamental tenet of the Jewish faith and those who worship the G-D of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yakov states, " Hear O Israel, the LORD  Our G-D is ONE LORD". Deuteronomy 6:4
  • We believe in G-D's holiness as communicated and demonstrated throughout the Tanakh.  In Leviticus 19:2 G-D commands us to,  “Be ye holy as I am holy”. 
The Word of God
  • Humanity shares a common origin and history which is described in the book of Genesis. The existence of the Nations, Israel, and the Jewish people are all a part of G-D's plan for all of mankind. Hence, we share a common Biblical foundation in the Hebrew Scriptures, also known as the written Word of G-D.
  • We believe that the G-D of Israel has provided mankind with a blueprint for serving Him together in diversity (Micah 4:1,2, Isaiah 56:7).
  • We strive and study together to best implement His prophesied roadmap as laid out in the Tanakh.
  • We are living in a day where the words of the Prophets are unfolding before us! Therefore, we must identify what the End of Days requires from all of us. Hence, there is a need for both Jews and Gentiles, Israel and the Nations, to know what is required of them; and, to fulfill their G-D given roles according to Scripture.  (Zechariah 3:8)
  • We believe that our joint commitment to G-D's Biblical Plan will compel diverse understandings to be expressed in harmony, for it is written that all of G-D's ways lead to peace. (Proverbs 3:17)
  • The G-D of Israel has uniquely designated Zion and Jerusalem, along with the Nation of Israel, to preserve His Word and provide a place and platform whereby the Nations can gather unto G-D in unity with the House of Israel.
Our Relationship
  • Our Core Values include humility, mutual respect, active listening, active participation, and a desire to seek a deeper understanding of G-D's Word, amidst all nations. Studying together requires an openness toward discovery, discussion, and growth. (Exodus 33:18-20)
  • We believe that diverse theological views can be expressed with sensitivity, in a manner that does not impose our beliefs upon one another.  Any theological presence that promotes conversion to another faith is strictly prohibited on the e-Noam platform.
  • We seek to model a Biblical relationship between Israel and the Nations in a spirit of togetherness and unconditional love. (Zechariah 14:9)

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